The Fitz Forward Neighborhood Revitalization represents a uniquely transformative approach to neighborhood
stabilization and revitalization. The objective is to revitalize more than 300 parcels across a quarter square-mile area
within Detroit’s Fitzgerald neighborhood starting in the Spring of 2018.
The Fitz Forward team is led by Century Partners and is a joint venture between Detroit-based development firms Century Partners and The Platform. A public-private partnership, the Fitz Forward team and the City of Detroit expects to instigate catalytic local neighborhood development and launch a new paradigm for how inclusive development can be successfully implemented within urban ecosystems.

The Fitz Forward development team and the City of Detroit will leverage ~$14MM of public and private investment, with a focus on implementing a holistic sustainability program that includes well-designed housing, improved safety and security, urban agriculture, green infrastructure, local workforce development, and increased neighborhood connectivity.


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